Thankful at Home 2014

It’s officially the time of year to reflect on gratitude.  

While our Canadian friends have already celebrated their Thanksgiving, we’re still looking forward to having our friends and families gather in our homes and around our tables for Thanksgiving here in the U.S.

thanksgiving tablescape

I can’t wait.

Thanksgiving tablescape

I absolutely adore Thanksgiving.  I love it even more than Christmas.  Truly.


Because I think it’s more relaxed,  it’s less commercial and it’s centered on what matters — being grateful for all that we have and for those we love.  

fall table

Each year I try to keep a gratitude journal where I write down the things I am grateful for on a daily basis.  Sometimes I’m not in the mood to be thankful.  Sometimes I feel like I keep repeating the same things over and over.  But, the one thing I’ve realized since I began keeping a journal like this is that there is always something to grateful for.  Always.

spode delamere plates

This year was a bit challenging for us as a family.  My husband’s job continued to grow more and more stressful as budgets and personnel were cut.   His travel schedule remained hectic and he often missed out on important family events like birthdays and anniversaries.   

We remodeled our kitchen this summer and it was extremely stressful.  Things did not go smoothly during parts of the process so our patience was stretched thin and maxed out at times. 

pumpkin center piece

This fall, my son began the 7th grade at a new school.  It is his biggest challenge to date.  We are working through the normal growing pains of entering the teen years along with hectic athletics schedules, sports injuries and a big load of home work.  Some days he and I are both near tears over the angst of learning challenging math problems while finishing his other homework until late in to the night.

Some days we feel like it’s all too much.  Wouldn’t the grass be greener (and less to mow!) in a smaller home with a smaller or — better yet — no mortgage?  Wouldn’t life be better if my husband could pull back at work and have a less demanding career?

We don’t know what the answers are but I can tell you this:  I am grateful for it all.  Yes, I’m even grateful for the indecision, the challenges and the uncertainty.  It means we are alive, that we have normal, healthy kids and that we have jobs and a home.

pumpkin squash

I am thankful my husband is such a wonderful provider, husband, father and friend.  

I am thankful that we are financially able to make the changes in our kitchen we talked about for years.  

I am thankful that my son is an intelligent, thoughtful kid who perseveres when the going gets tough.  I am so proud of him.  

I am thankful for my daughter who remains cheerful, kind and makes us laugh through it all.  

I am grateful for my entire family, my friends and the fact that I have a beautiful home to enjoy through the good and bad.

I am thankful that I am able to stay home with my children while trying to make a successful business out of my little ol’ blog.

I am so blessed.

As I set my Thanksgiving table this year, I am going to be mindful that every single thing is a gift and a blessing.  It’s exactly why I love this time of year.

thankful printable

 I’m sharing my Thankful printable with you so you and your guests can write down all the reasons you’re grateful this Thanksgiving.

free thanksgiving printable

Im Thankful For cards


I hope you’ll join me and the 13 other bloggers who are participating in the Thankful at Home tour this week.

thankful at home tour

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Wishing you peace, love and gratitude this Thanksgiving,



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30 Responses to Thankful at Home 2014

  1. Very pretty! Nice to reflect. ~Christy

  2. Kim says:

    Love your table and Thanksgiving is much more relaxed when it isn’t my turn to host. I am off this year! Yes, we must be grateful even for the stress we have to sometimes go through.

  3. Your table is gorgeous….I love that Thanksgiving is a special time without all the commercial things factored in…a time for us to be with the ones we love and give thanks for our many blessings.

  4. Julie- what a beautiful post. Thankful to have met such a beautiful and caring person at Haven this year. I hope we will get another chance this year.

  5. Courtney says:

    Beautiful table setting and post about being thankful~ Pinning!

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  7. Julie, first of all, your journal idea is amazing. Focusing on the good and capturing that in words makes you focus there… I may have to do that, especially on tougher days. Thank-you!

    As for your home… wow. Your table is incredible! All the layers and warmth… gorgeous!

  8. So so true, Julie! Thanks for the wonderful reminders. 🙂 xoxo

  9. Carol Cook says:

    I love your attitude – there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for and you certainly look on the positive side.

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  11. Kelly says:

    Julie – well said – sometimes things are stressful & life difficult. But you have the attitude & largeness of heart to know thankfulness has its place even in, or especially in, these times. Thank you for the printable! I am going to print out a bunch to use with my Thankful Box from last year!

  12. So beautifully said. I too have been working very hard on being grateful in the midst of chaos. It’s hard when the house is a wreck and kids aren’t cooperating and my husband is gone (which happens to be a lot). I’m constantly reminding myself to be thankful that I have a home to clean up and family to clean up after. It does help make things more bearable. The journal is such a great idea to help remind us of our blessings everyday.
    Your table is beautiful. I love those dishes and the printable is so sweet. Thanks for sharing your home and your heart. 🙂

  13. So wonderfully said, my friend! We all do have so, so much to be thankful for. I start every day with my own “gratitude session” and it is a great reminder of how truly blessed we are! I’m grateful for your friendship, and hope we can have some girl time together during the holiday season! Wishing you a peaceful, quiet, stress-free Thanksgiving 🙂 xoxoxo
    p.s. your table is GORGEOUS

  14. Debbie manno says:

    What a beautiful post Julie! Lots of challenges indeed but in the end those all make us stronger. I love how you keep a journal. I have thought about that time and again, and always forget. I have a book right now at my desk and going to start:)XO

  15. Vanessa says:

    Julie I just love this post so much! Not only because your table setting is absolutely stunning but because you’ve shared from your heart something that resonates with all of us. I think the ability to be in the midst of challenges and still feel thankful is truly a wonderful gift and helps us to remember what really matters in life. Thanks so much for being so transparent! 🙂

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  18. Tana Lewis says:

    So enjoyed your post. Each year presents its problems, but we grow and continue on as we work through the year. Your thoughts were wonderful and made me think of the challenges that my husband and I have now that we are
    empty nesters. Complete set of thoughts and ideas to work through than when we had two boys underfoot. Thank you for time and thoughts plus the printable. I will have it at each place setting this year along with a pen to jot their thoughts as they linger over the turkey and pumpkin pie. Blessings to you and yours

  19. Julie, I love this honest post. Although life is hard if we look, it’s amazing how we can see blessing. LOVe your idea of a Thanksfulness journal. I just may start doing that! And thanks so much for the Thanksgiving printable! You bet I’m going to be using that!!!! Beautiful post my friend!

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  22. Beautiful table and chairs, and I love your attitude.

  23. i’m new visiting your blog but your posted resonated greatly with me as a mother of a 7th grade boy & 5th grade girl. i have so any of the same thoughts, feelings emotions and it’s reassuring to know i’m not alone. on a lighter side the tablescape is lovely. tfs. warmly~ mj

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  28. Ann says:

    I remember those days when my kids were teenagers. Even though they are hectic and busy, it’s all part of growing and living. Thank you for sharing your thankful list…it puts it all in perspective. I’ve loved being on this tour and am grateful for the opportunity!

  29. Life has its ups and downs for me, too. Actually, it’s probably like that for everyone. However, each day we are given is a gift and our struggles define us as much (or even more) than the easy things we have. It is so nice that you could see that. I appreciate your candor, because sometimes blogs lead us to believe that everyone is leading the perfect lives in these perfect homes – but that is not the reality.
    Michelle from

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