Christmas Cards Made Easy


A long time ago before I was married and had children, sending Christmas cards to friends and family was no big deal.  The entire process took about 20 minutes.

Seventeen years and two children later, I find that the whole Christmas card routine is a much bigger ordeal.  And, yes, I do mean “ordeal.”

Up until a few years ago, I wrote a letter to friends updating them on all of our family happenings.  I took pictures of the kids, had photo cards made then tracked down current addresses while my husband fiddled on the computer to create a mail merge from his spreadsheet to mailing labels.  It always took a few tries to get the labels to line up just right so that was a job in and of itself.  When everything was good to go, we stuffed and sealed what seemed like a million envelopes and then put a stamp on them before they finally landed in the mail box.  See what I mean?  Ordeal.

Then last year, I teamed up with for my Christmas cards and let me tell you, they changed my life!


Well, not really but they simplified the process and that was a big deal!   Read more