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Christmas Cards Made Easy

A long time ago before I was married and had children, sending Christmas cards to friends and family was no big deal.  The entire process took about 20 minutes.

Seventeen years and two children later, I find that the whole Christmas card routine is a much bigger ordeal.  And, yes, I do mean “ordeal.”

Up until a few years ago, I wrote a letter to friends updating them on all of our family happenings.  I took pictures of the kids, had photo cards made then tracked down current addresses while my husband fiddled on the computer to create a mail merge from his spreadsheet to mailing labels.  It always took a few tries to get the labels to line up just right so that was a job in and of itself.  When everything was good to go, we stuffed and sealed what seemed like a million envelopes and then put a stamp on them before they finally landed in the mail box.  See what I mean?  Ordeal.

Then last year, I teamed up with Minted.com for my Christmas cards and let me tell you, they changed my life!


Well, not really but they simplified the process and that was a big deal!   (more…)

How to Make the Perfect Bow

I don’t know about you, but it takes me a long time to decorate my house for the Christmas season.  

I can’t just put everything in the same place as the year before.  Well, yes, I do put a few things in the same spots, but I always change things up a little. It’s what makes it fun to me!  Besides, who can remember each year where something went? Not me! 

This year I seem to be changing things up more than usual.  I’m fluffing and adjusting things trying to figure out how I want everything to look.

As a result, I am adding a lot of ribbon and making several bows.  I love how festive all the ribbon makes everything look.  It’s a simple way to add a little flair inexpensively.


Friends and readers often ask me how I make my bows so I thought today would be the perfect time to share a quick video tutorial with you: (more…)

Christmas Home Tour 2015 {Busy Girls Tour}

I hate to admit it, but this year I just didn’t feel very inspired to decorate for Christmas. 

I’m not sure if it was because we had hot weather for so long and it just didn’t feel like the holiday season, or if it was because the thought of dragging out all of the Christmas boxes was a little daunting. Or maybe it was because life has been so crazy busy lately!

Whatever the reason, I finally snapped got my holiday cheer on and started getting excited about decorating.

Christmas home tour

Today I’m thrilled to finally be sharing my Christmas home with you along with four of my friends — you might recognize them from the Share it One More Time Link party — they’re my co-hosts — and, like me, they’re BUSY!

To see every home on the tour, follow the links at the bottom of this post.  PLUS, we have a giveaway for you today so stay tuned! (more…)

Gorgeous Christmas Decor Ideas

I could browse through pictures of beautiful Christmas decor all day long, couldn’t you?

And, I love pinning new ideas for future reference so I can look back at it any time when I’m in the mood.

Even if you’re already finished decking your halls, I have some great inspiration gathered for you to use now or save it for later!

I have asked a few of my fellow bHome bloggers to join me in sharing some of our favorite Christmas decor and tips.

Christmas decor ideas


Today’s ideas are simple, do-able and oh-so-pretty! (more…)

Simple Christmas Tablescape

I began collecting Christmas dishes before I got married.  At first, I had a serving piece or two and then I decided to start collecting the place settings when I got married.

It is Spode Christmas tree and I still love it.

We usually use it when we host guests during the holidays, but this year we are not having any holiday dinners or out-of-town guests at our house.  So, I decided to switch out my every day dishes with the Spode so we can enjoy using it throughout the Christmas season.  Why wait for guests?

I am really enjoying using my pretty dishes every day and so is my family!

Simple Christmas tablescape farmhouse table Spode Christmas tree