Solving Entryway Clutter {6 Easy Solutions}

We all have it, don’t we?  It’s what I call “entryway clutter” (original, I know).

It’s that place in our home that collects clutter no matter what we do.  It’s usually right next to the door where we always come in and is an easy “drop-off” place.  It’s a magnet for junk and a family dumping ground.  You’ll find things like mail, keys, and sunglasses — all the stuff that’s in your hands when you walk into your home.  Of course there are jackets, purses and shoes too, but right now I’m talking mainly about the little stuff. The things that pile up and get in the way.

So, how do we solve the dilemma of entryway clutter?  This is a question that’s been on my mind for a long time because, for me, this is (and will hopefully be a thing of the past) a major source of frustration for me.

I’ll talk more about my specific problem (and solution) in a later post, but first I’m going to give you some easy, functional and attractive solutions to consider in your own home.


1.  Pretty bowls, canisters or trays
If you only have a few things to worry about, or you don’t want a “mud room” sort of vibe, I love a little bowl or tray for setting things down. There is something about having something contained in a pretty container that just sets the world alright.


2.  Boxes
Most people think these types of organizers are for desks only.  But,I think these can be functional and great almost anywhere! If your family is anything like mine, part of your clutter is probably made up of iPods, smart phones, coupons and who knows what else!  If you have the space, a handy box like one of these might solve more than one problem — such as where to charge all the electronic devices!


3.  Wall organizers/Mail pockets.
If counter or table space is at a premium, move it to your walls!
Oh, how I love these wall cubbies!  Just think of all the stuff you could put in them!  Sunglasses, papers, mail…

And, wall pockets are also useful for all that paper!


To make it look more attractive, put the papers in pretty file folders.  There are so many available just about everywhere!

4.  Bulletin/Message Boards.


Everybody needs a good message board.
I love it that this one has a little burlap pocket.  Cute and functional!



This wire message board is so handy with clips already on the board.  No searching for a push pin!


5.  Key Holders.
Key holders are a must-have if you don’t have the counter space or don’t want a bowl or box on your entry table.  This little handy key holder does double-duty with it’s mail pocket.


6.  Wall Hooks.
I love hooks!  Why?  Because even small children can hang up their jackets with them!  They can also hold all kinds of things like umbrellas, purses, keys and more.


Even the small things can get organized with a simple wall hook!  In the picture below, she hung little buckets on the hooks for additional small storage: So cute!


Love that!


A Few Things to Remember
Be Creative and Think it Through
Many of these ideas may seem like “no-brainers.”  But, as in my case, even the simplest solutions have to be well thought out.  I’ve had to research my organization solutions very carefully and get creative with how I’ll be using them.

Before deciding on a solution, think about how you move in and out of the space.  My back entry (a.k.a “drop zone”) is tiny so the dimensions and functionality of each solution is critical.  I’ve had to get creative with how I’m using each item to make them as highly functional as possible.

Organization Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive
I chose the above six solutions to highlight because they are easy to find and affordable. Sure, some of them are expensive at some retailers but that doesn’t mean you can’t find one cheaper or make it yourself!   I love to look at places like Home Goods and TJ Maxx for knock-offs.  I have also made many things myself with stuff I already own.

It Must Be Convenient
Here’s an important thing to remember when organizing your home: the key to any organization solution is that it absolutely, positively has to be as convenient and easy as the current drop-off zone or no one will use it.  Let’s face it, disorganization often stems from feeling tired or lazy. (It also happens because you have no designated “home” for the items being dropped.) Make it easy!!

I love organizing almost as much as I love decorating so I’m pretty excited about the possibilities of my back entry area.  It’s not finished yet, but when it is I will post about it so you can all see how it turned out.  I can’t wait to get rid of the clutter on my kitchen counter!

Have a happy day!

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  1. Stacey says:

    Hi Julie! I’ve just been going through your blog…the name actually caught my attention. We are in Texas too. 🙂 Love your style!

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