Simplifying Thanksgiving and a Giveaway! {Thankful to bHome}

Now that Halloween has come and gone, it’s time to get serious about the upcoming holidays.

One of my favorite things about this time of year is getting together with my blogging friends to bring you inspiring ideas for holiday entertaining, decorating and more.  


This week, I’m joining a very talented group of bloggers from bHome to bring you ideas, inspiration and thoughts about being thankful during the Thanksgiving season.


A complete list of the participating bloggers and links to their sites is at the end of this post.

Also, Lidy from the French Garden House is offering a giveaway as a part of this tour!  Details are at the end of this post as well so you’ll want to be sure to get all the way to the bottom to enter the drawing!


Simplifying Thanksgiving

As I mentioned at the top, I love getting together with my friends to bring you ideas and inspiration during the holiday season.  But, to be totally candid and honest, the holidays can be so stressful.  And, sometimes seeing the perfection we see on blogs and in magazines can just add to that pressure and it’s easy to forget the reason for the season amidst all the hulabaloo.


As much as we might love to get together with family and friends, the whole idea of entertaining, cooking, baking, decorating, cleaning the house and being “Pinterest-worthy” can be so overwhelming!

I want to encourage you to just stop the madness!   Wouldn’t it be nice if we put the focus back in to being thankful by simplifying the holidays where we can?  


I think we can focus on gratitude and still create great memories!

This year, my family is kicking around the idea of going out to dinner for the main meal.  I’ll be honest…I’m not sure how I feel about that idea.  But, it has gotten me thinking about how to simplify our holiday.

If we do go out, I will still need to have a few of my Thanksgiving traditional favorites — like my homemade pecan pie (you can get that recipe here) and maybe our morning apple pumpkin muffins.  


Or maybe, I could just bake some pecan pie bars  or pecan pie tarts to keep it super easy.


No matter what we decide, creating this table for today’s blog tour was great inspiration to get me thinking about simplicity this holiday season.  

This table was so easy.  This little brunch table plus the floral arrangement literally took me 30 minutes!  I used a grocery store bouquet (that I filled in here and there with a few clippings from my Maple tree) and store-bought food.  It doesn’t get much easier than that when prepping for a holiday like Thanksgiving!



Sometimes we need to go easy on ourselves and come to peace with the fact that doing it all (baking from scratch, cooking the turkey and making a million sides) isn’t really where it’s at.


Going simple doesn’t mean giving up beauty or a feeling of festiveness.  I just means re-thinking things and giving yourself permission to go easy on yourself.  

Here are some thoughts for creating a no-fuss Thanksgiving:

  • Give yourself a break and buy some things from the store if it helps lower the holiday pressure
  • Re-think how you traditionally do things — maybe host a brunch instead of a big dinner
  • Consider ordering catered food 
  • Buy some pretty paper plates or paper napkins to cut down on clean up
  • Create your holiday table a day or two before the big day (if you’re using fresh flowers add those the night before)
  • Ask your guests to bring a dish so you’re not doing all the cooking
  • Hire a cleaning service to clean your house before hosting guests 

If you have some tips to share I’d love to hear them in the comments!


Now, before you head over to get inspired by the other bHome bloggers from the links below, here are the details to the giveaway from the French Garden House:

You can win a beautiful hostess gift set!


Just head over to French Garden House and browse her shop and pick out your favorite thing.  Then come back here and leave me a comment about what your favorite shop item is and that’s it!  

Now, I hope you’ll go visit my friends:




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33 Responses to Simplifying Thanksgiving and a Giveaway! {Thankful to bHome}

  1. Lisa Cooper says:

    Everything is so lovely! I am always pulled to the hand thrown pottery. The kitchen items make me feel like a chef, although I don’t cook well!

  2. Rochelle Fjestad Byklum says:

    Holy moly! How do you choose one favorite item from French Garden House!? I would say my favorite is the Natural Elements Necklace Snow Crystal.

  3. Julie, I almost could’nt get pass that gorgeous arrangement to read your tips. Which by the way will be so helpful to many to think that they have to do it all…Not me…not you.

  4. Laura Trevey says:

    That floral arrangement is to die for – the colors are so vivid. Just gorgeous 🙂

  5. You are so right Julie!….I am contemplating rather than a full dinner for Christmas, I may do a Brunch…thanks for reminding us that the Holidays are all about the ones we share them with!
    Your flower arrangement is gorgeous!…..Love how you incorporated the leaves! So happy to tour with you this week!!!

  6. Ruth Perez says:

    I visited the French Garden and loved the enameled tea pot! Red! Who doesn’t like red! But as far as her Thanksgiving table, beautiful and the tiny detail that was the finishing touch was the little card that said “I’m thankful for …” and had the person’s name in her own handwriting. This is a good tip for everyone to remember, making our guest feel welcome is what hospitality is all about! Goes with silver and roses as well as “simple!”

  7. Kristen Shields says:

    My favorite things are vintage linens and it was hard for me to pick an absolute favorite because I love them all. One of my favorites is the vintage Organdy madeira Floral Linen tablecloth. Just beautiful!

  8. Sharon says:

    Over at the French Garden, I found this delightful old watering can, love this!

  9. manda says:

    I love the teapots

  10. Julie, this is such a beautiful post on so many levels, the floral arrangement is gorgeous, as is your setting. But the real gem in your post is reminding all of us to enjoy the holiday for what it is, a time to be thankful for what we have and a time to gather with those we love. I know it can look “perfect” = overwhelming here in blog land. But really, all that matters is that you have a memory making time with those you love! And fun. In our family it has to be fun.

    I simplify my holidays by allowing others to bring their “specialty” and by letting everyone pitch in and help. I also buy dessert {if no one wants to bring one} and appetizers. I am so thrilled to be on this tour with you! Thank you for the inspiration. xo Lidy

  11. Kathy Lee Milliken says:

    I love the French green enamel coffe pot!

  12. Barbara Hausteen says:

    So many beautiful things. I love them all! I would choose the Antique French Enamelware Body Pitcher Cream, if I had a choice. So beautiful, and would be beautiful in my red, green and cream kitchen!

  13. Annie says:

    Julie that flower arrangement is so beautiful! I loved your reminder regarding the holidays and thoughtfulness in the reason behind it all. I am so happy to be touring with you today!

  14. I love the hostess gift, crazy for checks and polka dots. Thank you for chance to win.

  15. Wonderful tips to keep in mind as the holiday madness – uh, I mean festivities, begin. Beautiful in every way Julie!

  16. Susan C. Thompson says:

    I fell in love with the French Country Wicker Garden Cart! That is a piece that I would love to use in my decor. I have to admit that it was little hard to narrow it down to one piece – there are so many wonderful things in her shop!

  17. Barbara Jean Hubbard says:

    French blue water pitcher is my favorite… I signed up for the newsletter.

  18. Brandye says:

    Oh my! Where do I start? I found an ironstone covered tureen exactly like the one I have from my grandmother’s house. (I had no idea it was worth so much!) Loved: some of the blue floral serving pieces, natural linen pieces, pink vanity box, reproduction birdcage chandelier, vintage mesh purses….seriously found something to love on every page. My poor bank account…..

  19. Betty Neely says:

    Petite fleur small creamer picture was my favorite, especially in khaki but alas, it was sold out. I love tonal dinnerware – looks so stylish with white pieces. Simple and beautiful.

  20. Julie- everything is so beautiful and your tips on simplifying Thanksgiving are perfect! I’m all about simplifying and keeping things stress-less this time of year. I just love your style and it’s so fun being on the blog hop again this week!

  21. Christiane Henshaw says:

    My favorite item is the Antique French Country Children’s wood wheelbarrow. So many beautiful things in the shop, it’s hard just to pick one! Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Julie, you must be having very mixed feelings on the question of eating out or not for Thanksgiving. I know I would if it meant the entire family. My husband & I traveled one Thanksgiving for a getaway on that holiday, but really enjoyed our dinner in a nice restaurant, and had other activities planned, so that was a little different. I really think it ‘s a good idea to have adult family guests contribute to the meal also – having a vested interest in the workload always helps the hostess. Maybe what you need is something from Lidy’s shop, lol! Her generous hostess gift to this blog party would be enough to shut down the question of eating out for Thanksgiving! I’d pick at least one of her standup napkin rings as jewelry for my table, and that would motivate me. 😉 Love your majolica turkey, btw!

  23. Julie, your centerpiece is absolutely stunning!! I love your idea of simplifying the holiday and I tend to put my time into the table and less time into the cooking… 😉 I’ve been adding a few catered dishes in to most of our bigger holiday meals to cut down on some of the work. We did go out to dinner in the early years with young kids, but in the end we all preferred to be home. Whatever you do, I’m sure it will be lovely as you will be with your family. Enjoy!!

  24. Such wonderful tips for simplifying which we all have to do at times! I love using paper plates – especially now that there are so many great designs available. Thank you so much for joining the tour, it’s a privilege to do this with you!!

  25. Robin Jackson says:

    I love the French Zinc Pitcher for $165.00. I like the line of it and you could use it year round for different seasonal foliage, flowers, and berries.

  26. Mary Beth says:

    Everything looks beautiful and I couldn’t agree with you more about stopping the madness 😉 I’m giving myself a break and stepping back (not from blogging but from stressing if everything isn’t just right) and enjoying the time I have with my family and friends. So happy to be on the tour with you – Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. xo, mb

  27. Pingback: Day Two of 'Why I Like to bHome for The Holidays'

  28. Crystal McKinley says:

    I just love those flower arrangements! They look so fall floral. Thanks for the chance.

  29. Jamie C says:

    LOVE the red enamel tea pot…it would be the perfect little accent piece in my kitchen! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  30. BarbaraMae says:

    I love the Natural Topaz and Mother of Pearl earrings. They are simple, yet have just the right amount of shine for a touch of glam. So pretty!

  31. Julie, beautiful centre-piece arrangements. such a vibrance of colour

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