No-Sew Faux Grain Sack Ornament

I adore vintage grain sacks.  I love the rustic, nubby look, I love the simple bold stripes, and I love that it’s a fabric that goes with just about every type of decor. 

The thing is, I don’t always love the price tag.   Especially when I want to use it for something seasonal like I did for the project I’m sharing today.    

So, what do I always do when I love the look of something but don’t want to pay the price?  I make it myself!

faux grain sack Christmas ornament


I promise, these look even better and more authentic in person.  I’m so thrilled with how they turned out!


The branches on our real Christmas tree tend to droop as the season goes on so, after I lost a few breakable ornaments last year, I decided that I needed lighter ones in my collection and these are perfect.

Christmas tree


Our big Labrador can wag her tail and knock them off the tree and no harm is done!  Haha!  Success!

I think I need them all over my tree!




  • fabric (I used scrap drop cloth fabric but you could also use linen or muslin)
  • craft paint
  • masking tape
  • paint spouncer  (affiliate link: Plaid 34106 10-Piece Spouncer Set)
  • small (3 or 4-inch) wood embroidery hoop  
  • ribbon or twine 


Wash and dry fabric if it’s new to give it a more nubby and time-worn appearance.  

Then, use masking tape to create a stencil for the lines you’ll be painting. If you want three lines, you will need to use four pieces of tape.  Two lines will need only three.  

taping lines on fabric


Use the paint spouncer to paint the lines of the fabric.  Don’t overly saturate the fabric with paint.  My paint is heavier in some areas than others.  I like a little bit of the fabric peaking through to give it an aged appearance.

painting stripes


You don’t need to wait for the paint to dry before you peel off the tape.  Go ahead and take it off after you’re done painting and then wait for the fabric to dry.  

When it’s ready, open up your embroidery hoop and position the fabric in between the two hoops.

fabric in hoop


Once the fabric is positioned between the two hoops, tighten the hoop using the screw at the top and then trim off the excess fabric with good fabric scissors.

The last step is to add a little hanger by using ribbon or twine.  I used hemp twine I already had on hand and tied it to the top of the hoop.

faux grainsack ornament


I varied the pattern of the stripes in each ornament I made so no two are alike.

faux grain sack hoop ornament


I think these are so cute and if you don’t sew they’re the perfect grain sack craft.


Speaking of grain sacks, today’s post is part of a one-day tour I put together with a few of my favorite blog friends who are masters at decorating with grain sacks.  

christmas cheer and grain sacks


  Please pay them a visit to see what magic they have worked with this wonderful vintage fabric.  I cannot wait to see what they’re sharing! 


Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Lilacs and Longhorns — you’re here!

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To see a complete round-up of grain sack projects please visit Yvonne at  Stone Gable.



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17 Responses to No-Sew Faux Grain Sack Ornament


  2. Yvonne Pratt says:

    Julie, Thanks so much for putting this wonderful Grain Sack Christmas together! Your ornaments are adorable and look just darling on your tree! LOVE the red bead garland too! Thanks so much for including me and being SO gracious! xo

  3. Great ornaments Julie…and yes, they do look like the real deal!….Your tree is so very beautiful…and I can relate to the tail of a dog…that happens when my granddog comes to visit!

  4. Ann says:

    What a darling idea…I love that they are all the same…yet different. Thank you for hosting this tour. It’s a pleasure to hang out with you! Happy Holidays Julie…

  5. Love these Julie! I’m impressed. What a great idea to use the hoops.

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  7. Robin says:

    I had to wash the fabric I just bought twice. I don’t know what it was treated with that made it feel almost waxy. Wish I’d paid better attention while I was in the store. I added a cup of vinegar to the wash on the second time, rinsed well and it came out perfectly.

  8. Kelly says:

    These are FANTASTIC! What a great idea Julie. Now I have to go see what a “spouncer” is!!

  9. Marla says:

    Absolutely adorable and so festive!!

  10. Your tree is so pretty!!

  11. Pamela says:

    Julie I adore these! Will need to make some for next year or use the grainsack fabric i have stored away but can not bring myself to cut up. Thank you for partying at THT.

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  17. susan says:

    These are really sweet Julie! Thank you SO much for organizing the roundup!! Merry Christmas!!

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