Keeping Your House Clean with Pets {Sponsored Post}

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of BISSELL Homecare, Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine.

As you may recall from my recent post about our newest family member, I have four pets.  Yes, four.  All of whom have hair that sheds to one degree or another.
Just like my human children, I am tackling messes my furry kids make each day.
Here are 5 tips to keep your house looking and smelling clean with pets:


  1. Vacuum floors at least twice per week and make sure you get in to all the corners, using your vacuum’s hose and tools.  (Hint:  If your children aren’t old enough to help with vacuuming the floors, give them the job of doing the corners – it’s a great way to keep them busy and involved)
  2. Vacuum your fabric furniture at least once a week Vacuum attachments with brushes are especially good for removing pet hair.  Remember to get down in to the corners and lift up the cushions while you’re at it!
  3. Scoop the cat litter once a day This is especially true if you have 2 or more cats like I do. (Hint: This is another great job for your kids!)
  4. Keep the cat litter fresh with baking soda Whenever I scoop the litter, I add a small amount of baking soda to absorb the smell.  True, some litters already have baking soda in them, but I add a little extra to keep the odor neutralized.  I also use a plug-in air freshener in the laundry room where the litter boxes are kept.
  5. Place a mat or small rug in front of the litter box Doing this helps keep the litter scatter at bay.  It doesn’t collect it all, but it definitely helps!  (I also use an enclosed litter box which helps a lot too!)

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21 Responses to Keeping Your House Clean with Pets {Sponsored Post}

  1. Danielle says:

    Great tips, we’re thinking (just thinking) about getting another dog. I’m not looking forward to all that shedding hair!

  2. Such good tips. Now, if I’d just put them into action. I always forget to vacuum the furniture. Thanks for the link and coupon for the Bissell products. laurie

  3. Great advice…still trying to train my daughter to keep up with the litter box.

    • Julie S. says:

      I have to remind them constantly, but they agreed to the deal when we got our last cat. I still clean it occasionally, too but the majority of the responsibility is theirs — it makes pet ownership a lot easier. 🙂

  4. Great tips Julie! With three dogs and a cat I need all the help I can get!

  5. Kathe says:

    Great tips! Especially keeping a rug or mat in front of the litter box!

  6. I have 4 pets as well- 3 cats and a dog. We are vacuuming and sweeping constantly! Washing the curtains every other month helps too 🙂

  7. I have 4 cats and I already have a Bissell Powerglide for pets…and I love it! And nobody is making me say this! lol Great tips! Hugs…Debbie

  8. Sonya Barker says:

    I am need of a new vacuum…I’ll have to check this out! We only have 1 dog and the fur is too much for me. Great tips ~Sonya

    • Julie S. says:

      It’s amazing how much fur one pet can leave behind. Our old lab mix that passed away several years ago was a shedding machine. Crazy enough, our four animals are no match for that one dog — I guess that’s why I don’t mind having 4! 🙂

  9. Great tips! With four furry felines, I can completely relate to this!

  10. Laura Tusken says:

    Thanks so much for the great tips! My pug sheds constantly! 🙂

  11. Great tips for keeping your house clean. I don’t have any pets or children still at home, but I still manage to let the messes get away from me. I need a new vacuum and this one looks great.

    • Julie S. says:

      Sheila, I often think that my house would be cleaner without children and animals, but I think no matter who is living in the house, it is still easy to let messes get away!

  12. Julia Konya says:

    Thanks for coming over to my blog today Julie! It’s so nice to meet you. Great tips. I have cats and I couldn’t live without my rug cleaner 😉

  13. Your tips are spot-on Julie! Thanks for the helpful reminders! We are owned by two cats, but one of them – Lulu – has enough hair for about 8 cats. LOL

  14. Amy Ellis says:

    I have one, count it: 1, long haired black cat that accumulates more fur in a day than one could imagine 😛 These are helpful tips. I always forget to do the corners and around the base board, and then wonder why there is still fur after vacuuming. I had no idea that Bissel carried pet vacuums, either. I’m off to check those out. Thank you for the tips, Julie!!

  15. Haha – what a great idea to get my daughter to help with corners!! A freshly vacuumed room is just the BEST.

  16. Great advice Julie! We have 2 dogs and our boxer sheds like crazy! She has claimed the loveseat as hers and we need to be a lot better about cleaning it more often because hair builds up there. (Gross!) Our vacuum is actually giving us some problems so I might check out the Bissell- thanks!

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