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Today, I’m excited to be sharing why my heart is at home as a part of a 14-blog tour:

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14 bloggers are sharing their ideas about why their hearts are at home.

If you are visiting here for the very first time – thank you and welcome!  I am so glad you are here!


My parents were here visiting me last week and I had forgotten something.  

My mom reminded me that she used to call me her little gypsy.  The name came from a new bike I received when I was about 8 or 9 years old.  It was called, “The Little Gypsy.”   She thought it was perfect because I always liked to be on the move going here and there.  I loved sleeping over at friend’s houses, I loved going to overnight camps, and, as I got older, I loved to travel.

In my twenties I took every opportunity I could afford to travel somewhere (which wasn’t nearly as much as I would have liked) and my first full-time job out of college took me a thousand miles away from home.

I saw life as an adventure, the world as a place to explore and if an exciting opportunity presented itself, I was wide open to moving far away.  My home was wherever I hung my proverbial hat. 

foyer open door_wm

I decorated and nested at every location but never firmly planted any roots.  I could literally move with a day’s notice.

Since getting married and having kids, however, I have settled down — even to the point that I would call myself a homebody.  I love being settled and spending time in my home. 

dining room looking into foyer

I grew up living in the same house my entire life.  Maybe that’s why I was such an adventure seeker in my younger days.

And, maybe that’s why I feel the need to grow deep roots here, in my current house, for my children.  There is something solid and good about having the same friends, the same house and attending the same schools.

kitchen sink_wm

My husband and I have been in this house for almost 13 years.  Our kids know no other house and I really love that for them. 

My husband, on the other hand, was an Air Force kid.  He moved all over the place until his family settled in Texas in middle school.

Now, with a family of my own, I am doing my best to create a home that “rises up to greet us” (quoting Oprah).  

living room3

There is nothing like coming home from a vacation or a long day carting kids here and there to feel the “arms” of our home envelope us.  To see family photos, heirlooms, things we’ve gathered and collected and to just “be” in a place that feels like no other.

master bedroom vignette_wm


gallery wall

I can literally see the silent sigh of relief when my husband comes home from a long business trip.  Not only to familiar surroundings, but to familiar foods and smells.

grilled veggies

Easy Grilled Vegetables Recipe

pecan pie_1

Rich & Delicious Pecan Pie Recipe

And, because my kids love it so much, I enjoy adding touches for each holiday to our home. 

Today, we have some hearts in our home for Valentine’s Day — a holiday for which I never used to decorate.

  valentine hearts

But, now, with the excited help of my kids, I decorate for every holiday — not just the biggies. (Read about my first Valentine’s Day mantel and the home-made bunting/banner here.)

valentine's day mantel_2

Sometimes we make the decorations together, sometime the kids just help decide where the store-bought ones need to go.

To me, it’s all a part of creating a home that fits our entire family.

jute valentine heart wreath

This year, we added this simple jute/twine wrapped wreath to our decor.  It was so easy. (But it does take some time — you might want to watch Downton Abbey or another favorite show while you’re wrapping the wreath form.)

Easy Jute Twine Valentine Heart Wreath

-Wire heart wreath form (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)
-Large roll of twine.
  jute wrapped wreath
-Secure one end of twine to the metal wreath form by tying a simple knot.  You can use a little hot glue to keep it secure if you like.
-Simply wrap the twine around the form in several layers (my wreath took about an hour).
-Finish the wreath by hot gluing the end of the twine to the back of the wreath.  


Even after the Valentine decorations come down, my heart will always be in our home — even if we move to a new house in a new town, state or country we will always find a way to make it our refuge and a place we want to spend our time.  My heart truly is at home.

This week, I’m joining 13 other talented bloggers who are sharing why their hearts are at home.

I hope you will take the time to visit each one! 





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19 Responses to Why My Heart is at Home

  1. julie- this is so a sweet post. I too hope our current home will be the forever home, the one home that my kids grow up in, but if not, I hope I can always create sweet memories of “home” for them regardless of where life takes us and where we are living. Have a great day gypsy!

  2. Julie, thanks for sharing….you have a beautiful home, the perfect place to create those special memories.

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  4. What a beautiful home story, Julie! I adore your colors and your warm and welcoming decor! I love coming home from a vacation too! Your children are so blessed to have such love in their home!

  5. Ann says:

    I think this post says it all about coming home. You have done such a lovely job of making it a happy place for your family. I loved learning more about you too! Have a good weekend ~ Ann

  6. Meike says:

    What a wonderful story Julie! If you feel like traveling again, come to Berlin and I will cook for you!
    Your Pecan Pie looks divine, I look forward to trying your recipe.
    Meike xx

  7. Kelly says:

    Just lovely Julie! Your home is beautiful and your words so touching. I am a sucker for anything jute so off I go to find a ball of it. I have to make your wreath!

  8. Anne says:

    Your home is beautiful! Yes I agree it is wonderful to live in a home for years,making memories with your family.I loved allot as a child and so did my husband.We promised each other that for our daughters sake we would never do that.We moved once when she was small and we are planning on living here for many years.This is our home,a home that we have made many memories already and hope to make more.Love your pretty heart wreath <3
    So happy to be a part of this tour too,thank you!

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  13. I love that quotation, a home that “rises up to greet us”. Your home is lovely and has so many homey touches.

  14. Courtney says:

    I love your home and style- and love hearing more about your story. Beautiful post.

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  16. Love, love your home and all of the beautiful Valentine decor!!…there is nothing like coming home from being away and being able to say “I’m home” with a smile and feeling of sheer contentment…We lived in one house for most of my son’s growing years from elementary school through college…when we sold the house, he made a special trip back home when he was in his last year of college and said that he wanted to say “good-bye” to the house…We never realized how much it meant to him.

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  18. So many pretty details in your home, Julie!!

  19. I love your home! And I love the picture display going up the stairs. Everything looks so comfy and inviting. Elegant yet livable.

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