Fall or Halloween Decor?

When September comes, I start thinking about fall decorating.

But, I have to admit,  I’m a little torn.
Do I decorate for Halloween first?  Or just fall in general?
I tend to decorate for fall in general and then add Halloween as the holiday draws closer.
But my kids want the Halloween decorations to go up first.
What do you think?  
Halloween first?
Or Fall?
Since, I’m in charge (kind of!), the Fall wreath will go up first.  
Then, I’ll change it out in October for Halloween.
By the way, I made both of these wreaths.
The Fall wreath was made with materials I already had from prior projects:
  • grapevine wreath
  • faux flowers
  • real mini Indian corn
  • burlap ribbon (okay…this was new)
  • mini chalk board and twine
I used a combination of hot glue, wire and just poking the flowers securely into the grapevine to adhere everything to the wreath.
The Halloween wreath was made with:
  • a straw wreath form
  • black fabric strip from fabric I had on-hand (you could also use wide ribbon)
  • Halloween garland with little ghosts, candy corn and berries
  • big, fake spider
  • big wooden ghost shape
  • black and white striped ribbon
I wrapped the black fabric strip around the straw wreath and tucked in the loose ends and hot glued with small dots to secure the fabric to the form.  
Then, I wrapped the garland around the form tucking in the ends.  
Finally, I finished the wreath by hot-gluing the large faux spider and ghost shapes here and there.
So, what do you do first  Decorate for Fall or Halloween?
Thanks so much for reading today!  
Happy Fall!

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10 Responses to Fall or Halloween Decor?

  1. Art and Sand says:

    With no kids in the house, my husband thinks the Halloween decor is silly, but I still put it up on October 1. I usually wait for fall decor until then because we are just getting ‘summer’ on our part of the coast. But, yesterday I got busy with some fun pumpkins, so fall decor starts today for me.

  2. Love your fall and halloween decor, so pretty! The mini chalk board is a great idea just adds that special touch!

  3. I do the same as you Julie…Love both wreaths & am going to use your ideas when I make mine!

  4. I adore fall decorations, bringing in the cooler weather, it all makes me want to grab a sweater. Except it is still in the very high 90’s here in Texas. I dislike the rushing and the pushing of the holidays. I like to enjoy each one, so I will stick with fall decorations. I don’t have little ones so I won’t really decorate for Halloween except maybe one or two items. But you have children at home and that changes everything.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  5. I love them both Julie!

  6. NanaDiana says:

    I love them both, Julie. I do Fall first and then add to it for Fall. xo Diana

  7. Petra says:

    Both your wreaths are very nice. We don’t do Halloween, and it’s coming into Spring here down-under, but I enjoy seeing the American blogs with the lovely autumnal colours!

  8. They are just beautiful Julie!…I like the idea of putting up the Fall first then changing out with the Halloween, then back up again…it seems like time is passing so quickly this year…Have a great weekend!

  9. Clorissa says:

    Cute wreaths!
    I decorate for Fall first. About a week and a half before Halloween I pull out the “scary” stuff.

    Happy Fall to you!

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