How to Create a Family Command Center in a Small Space

One of the challenging things about having a family is keeping up with all the various schedules and paper that comes in to the house daily.  

Even though the school sends a lot of its communication via email and teacher web sites, we still get several papers that we need to keep around.  The difficulty comes in trying to figure out where to put it all.

Until this week, I kept everything in a fairly organized manner near my desk in a spare room that we use for practically everything…exercising, guests, blogging, crafts, watching TV…you name it.  It seems to be the most used room in our home besides the kitchen.  Except now it’s undergoing a big change (I’ll be sharing more on that soon) so that meant I needed to find  a new home for the family calendar and the kids important papers.  I had no idea how I was going to accomplish this until I took a closer look at a very small wall between the kitchen and our “everything” room.  

small family command center

When I thought about it, I realized I didn’t need a huge wall to accommodate my needs.  All I wanted was a place to hang the family calendar and keep the kids papers.  I wanted it to be close to the kitchen, easy to reach and easy to use.

I could create a family command center using a very small space in a convenient location.

bulletin board and galvanized bucket

I already had the bulletin board and the galvanized bucket, so it didn’t take much to bring this together.  I bought two hooks and two file baskets and that was it.

I hammered a small, thin nail near the bottom of the bulletin board so I could hang the small bucket to hold a pen, a pencil and a pad of post-it notes.  

galvanized bucket with pens and pencils

I added the two hooks below the bulletin board to hang the file baskets.  I love the generous size of these baskets.  They have plenty of space for what we need and, they’re so practical and pretty.

hanging file baskets


I added the little chalkboard tags so the kids know which one is theirs and that was it.  All that was left was to fill them up with spelling lists, next semester’s school schedule, science fair information, etc. Done!

I love how easy to access this little space is, and it all fits perfectly.  

small family command center


This space functions so well, I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner.  Does that ever happen to you?

family command center

If you’re considering creating a command center like this, I would recommend thinking about the following:

  1. List the items you need to keep organized and how you will use them.
  2. What is the best location for you?  Consider:
    1. ease of use
    2. convenience
    3. amount of space needed
  3. What kind of organizational tools will work best to suit your needs?
    1. bins, baskets, bulletin/magnet boards, etc.?
  4. Measure your space to determine what will fit

After considering all these factors, you might be surprised that the amount of space you need isn’t so big after all.  And, you might just find a use for a wall or a corner you thought was unusable and wasted!

small family command center


To see more organizing ideas check out my Organizing Pinterest board.  I’m always pinning great ideas and pretty pictures, so be sure to follow me on Pinterest, too!

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Baskets – World Market

Chalkboard tags – World Market

Hooks – Hobby Lobby

Galvanized bucket – Decor Steals

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8 Responses to How to Create a Family Command Center in a Small Space

  1. I like how you set the command center up to meet your needs and look nice too. It’s not cluttery at all. Those days of keeping up with all the school papers can be overwhelming, for sure.

    We need to get together soon. 🙂

  2. You have created another space of beauty and function!…Love it Julie!…Have a great weekend!

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  6. Dee says:

    Practical and beautiful! Can you tell me what size those Rachael wall baskets are? I’m debating between small and medium…yours look like just what I need. thank you!

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