Best of DIY Party – {DIY Twiggy Bird’s Nest}

twiggy bird's nest

I love looking at pretty pictures of decorated homes, amazing DIY projects, and gorgeous crafts.  It’s fun to get inspired by projects big and small.  

I love all the inspiration that exists on blogs and that’s why it’s so fun to be joining 24 of my home/DIY blogger friends today to bring you our #BestofDIY Party #2!

25 amazing diy projects


At the end of this post, there are 25 links to 25 amazing and inspiring DIY projects.  I hope you will take the time to visit them all!  If you love vintage, farmhouse, traditional or Shabby Chic decor, you will love the projects being shared here today!


Twiggy Bird’s Nest

My project is something I have been wanting to try for awhile.  I was afraid it might be a little tricky or require special skills, but if you can stack a few twigs and use hot glue, this project is just about as easy as they come!

twiggy bird's nest


Do you remember Lincoln Logs?  The wooden building toy where you just stack logs criss-crossed to build a structure?  This project is a lot like that.

make a twiggy bird's nest



  • Twigs
  • Hot glue
  • Spanish Moss (two colors)
  • Eggs (optional)


  •  Gather twigs that are similar in width.  Break some, if necessary, to be similar in length — varying some so they are not completely uniform.
  • Start by making a triangle with three twigs.  Hot glue where they overlap and then stack another triangle on top so you make a star shape. Hot glue at the points where they meet and continue the process until your shape looks more and more like a wreath or a nest.
  • Gather enough Spanish moss to fill in the hole and work it in to a nest shape.  Push some of it through the edges of your twigs so the moss spills over the edges and through some of the gaps to make it look more natural.
  • Add a small amount of a different color moss to the center and work it in to look natural.
  • Add eggs, a bird or whatever you wish to your new twiggy bird’s nest!

DIY twiggy bird's nest


Now get ready to be inspired by my fabulous friends! 

best of DIY party


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25 thoughts on “Best of DIY Party – {DIY Twiggy Bird’s Nest}

  1. Julie, you know that I love all things nest and little nest is adorable! I have a ton of sticks from pruning a cherry tree so I’ll be making this after it stops snowing here today! Pinning and featuring on fb!

  2. This is perfect for spring! I love using nests for spring decor but don’t often have as many as I’d like to use of the real thing. Thanks for sharing your tutorial so that I can now make a few to use for this year’s decorations.

  3. Julie, this is so darn adorable and I have been on the hunt for birds nest but now I can make some. So brilliant and adorable. Sharing on Fb tomorrow am. Have a great weekend, Lisa

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