Our Newest Family Member

Summer is always a crazy time with the kids.  Camps, family trips, swimming, sleepovers, etc.  We are always crazy busy.
But, this summer, we welcomed a new kind of crazy.
For some random reason, we decided to welcome a new family member into our home.
Meet Cinder Ella.

Cinder for short.
We just adopted her from our local Humane Society and we are crazy about her.  
All 2.2 pounds of her!

Yes, we already have THREE pets.  
Yes, we already believed that our “inn” was full.
But, for some reason, we decided that we needed another cat.

Are we nuts?
But, we are in love with her.  She’s the perfect fit for our family.
And, she has already settled in to the chaos. 
Welcome home, kitty!

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  1. Is she the cutest thing or what???
    Welcome to Bloglandia Miss Ella – so happy to meet you :)

  2. What a cute cat! You make me feel so much better…we just adopted a second 90 lb lab to go with our first one (same size) and a 14 lb rat terrier who of course, is the boss. Ny husband was giving me a hard time so I’m glad to show him we’re not the only ones lol. Diana

  3. How sweet! I would love a cat but my husband is allergic. Love her name!

  4. Luv, luve your pets and your husband isn’t bad either. But how do you keep the black cat hair off the white furniture????

    • Ann, I just have to commit to vacuuming a lot. lol I have a little hand-held Dirt Devil that has a rotating brush. It works well. I also have an Oreck vacuum with a rotating brush attachment as well. A brush attachment is a must for pet hair! I use tape rollers once in awhile, too, but the vacuum is the best.

  5. Cinder is just precious! We just got a kitten last Christmas and are enjoying every minute of her. :) Congrats on the new family member!

  6. Oh isn’t she adorable?! As the proud owner of two border collies and two kitties, I know all about pet chaos. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  7. She’s so precious. I truly believe that it’s not home without some kind of critter. We always had our two dogs while our boys were growing up. When they passed away from old age we decided to go with our one cat for awhile. I know one of these days the dog fever will hit again though. Isn’t it just wonderful to watch a kitten sleep or play?

    Your Boomer is so cute!

  8. I was only thinking the other day that after 15 years without a cat I’d like to have one again! Well, I don’t know that my 2 pooches would agree! Or my husband!!! Your little kitty is very pretty and looks very much at home. :-)

  9. omigosh what a beauty!!

  10. OH MY sweetness! I so wish hubster weren’t allergic. I would love a little sweet one like that!

  11. Oh, so cute. Looks like one of my cats that showed up at my house about 10 years ago. Good for you, adopting another kitty. We are moving to our farm in October and going to adopt 2 new kitty’s then to go along with our other three. I am worried about moving my 3 cats and praying they don’t run off.


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