Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

chicken noodle soup

Today, my kids went back to school. And, to celebrate, I am stuck at home with a head cold.   It hit me hard yesterday and I'm feeling it pretty good today, too. My head is stuffy, I'm sneezing...you know the drill.  So, I'm heading to the grocery store to buy a chicken.  Because this is the best home remedy there … [Read more...]

This & That

container garden

Sometimes you just have to savor the little things in life and this week I took special note of a few things that made my day a little brighter. The other morning when I was in the shower I realized just how much I love this particular part of my morning routine -- most especially using this stuff: It's L'Occitane's Almond Shower Oil. … [Read more...]

My Favorite Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

peanut butter cookie recipe

On Monday my kids will be back at school. I'm not really ready for that.   Our kitchen renovation put a big hiccup in our usual summer plans.  Even though we managed to take two trips to visit family and the kids attended their beloved soccer camp our usual summer fun took a back seat to the comings and goings of contractors and the … [Read more...]

Sharing My Secrets

coffee table

How's that for a blog post title?  Yes, I'm sharing my secrets.  Does that sound exciting? My good friend, Kelly at My Soulful Home (who has the most beautiful garden, home and soul) asked me to take part in a Blogland tour where we introduce other bloggers and share some of our secrets -- just a little behind the scenes of our blogs … [Read more...]

This & That

chiang mai dragon in blue

Life is slowly getting back to normal now that the chaos of our kitchen remodel is over.   School starts in just over a week so we're feeling the call of the hustle and bustle -- getting school supplies, new clothes and attending important orientation meetings for MIDDLE SCHOOL! I can't believe my oldest is going in to the 7th … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodel Sources, Paint Colors and Questions Answered

counter stools

First of all, thank you so much for all of your kind words about my kitchen remodel!  I was blown away by your responses and support.  It means so much to me.  Truly As promised, today's post is about where I purchased things, the paint colors I used and providing answers to some of your questions: Paint … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodel Reveal

kitchen vignette_2

The day has finally arrived - at long last!  I am revealing my kitchen remodel. Just so you remember where we started, here are a few pictures of our kitchen before: The oak cabinetry had taken on a bit of an orange tint over the years and was in need of a face lift.  But the real motivator for our total update was the … [Read more...]

The Ranch Life

old ranch truck

It's been a very different summer here at the L&L house. So much of our time was consumed by our kitchen remodel we didn't have time to think about much else.  We did, however, spend some time away from the dust and disarray.  One trip was a visit my husband's uncle's ranch near the Texas/Mexico border.   I don't … [Read more...]

On the Back Porch at Cedar Hill Farmhouse


Isn't this porch just gorgeous? It belongs to my friend, Anita, over at Cedar Hill Farmhouse. Isn't she a lucky and talented lady? Today, I'm feeling pretty lucky myself. I'm "sitting" on the back porch at Anita's place.  Sort of. Anita has invited me over for a back porch chat. It's taking place on her blog --not her real … [Read more...]

How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

how to survive a kitchen remodel

Remodeling is not for the faint of heart. I know, because I'm living through one right now. As I write this post, my kitchen is without a functioning sink or dishwasher and I'm missing half of my counter tops.  A few days ago, everything that belonged in my kitchen was all over my house and my refrigerator was in my living room.  A … [Read more...]