Mixing and Matching Dishes

The other day I was running errands and I stopped in at one of my favorite discount stores on a whim. As I was looking through all of the fall decorations, I stumbled across a couple of orange pumpkin plates. They were the identical plates I bought last year, however, I was only able to find 4 plates at that time.  I was excited to find these twins and I happily snatched up the new ones to add to my collection.

My husband would roll his eyes wondering what use I couldpossibly have for two more plates, but to me, these were a great find and a fantastic addition!

When I entertain, I like to mix and match my dishes.  I think it adds a lot of visual interest, warmth and color.   Plus, the more I have to mix and match, the more it enables me to serve a crowd in style.  (I’m a big believer in using real dishes for special occasions.) 

I have always been a believer in mixing and matching but I put more emphasis on it a few years ago when I decided it was time to update my dishes.   (I didn’t register for china when I got married, instead I just mixed and matched my every day with some fancier salad plates and pretty bowls when I entertained.)  My every day dishes, although still fine for every day, weren’t looking so nice for guests after several years of daily use. So, I bought myself some inexpensive white dishes from IKEA to get started and to serve as a “base layer” from which I could build.

blue brown and orange fall tablescape / Lilacs and Longhorns

Although they were very inexpensive and simple, they have served me well.  But, I knew I needed something that were serve me for many years and for many occasions. Continue reading

Fall Around My House

Ever since I began blogging a few years ago, I have tackled Fall decorating with enthusiasm.  I usually take out my boxes in early September and try to get it all done as quickly as possible.

Not this year.

This time, I’m taking it slow and I’m trying to keep things simple.

Maybe it’s my age or the fact that I’m constantly driving my kids here and there that I just don’t feel like being in a rush.  

I’ve been taking pictures on my cell phone as I go and am posting them on Instagram.  

velvet pumpkin and Indian corn / Lilacs and Longhorns

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5-Minute Fall Decor

I’m slowly whittling away at getting my home decorated for fall.  Full disclosure:  I am having a hard time getting in to the fall spirit when the weather is not cooperating — translation: it’s still hot and summery outside.

Still, I’m getting there as I add fall touches to make it feel like it might be cool outside.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve been getting a few glimpses of my decor.

I thought I was pretty much done with the inside of the house until I went to Target this weekend.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t go there without browsing through the dollar section, can you?!  They have so many cute things for cheap, cheap, cheap and I love it!

This weekend, I found these wooden slice tags for $1:

wooden slice tags from Target | Lilacs & Longhorns

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Repurposed Fall Décor {Hospitality Filled Homes}

My husband celebrated his 50th birthday last week.  To celebrate, we held a small party with a few friends and I drew a birthday sign on a large chalk board to wish him a happy birthday.

As I was writing on the board, my daughter told me she thought chalkboard writing is my specialty.  I laughed a little at the thought, but then I decided that she might be right because I love to draw and write on chalk boards.  It makes me re-live my youth a little because art was always my favorite subject.

It only stands to reason, then, that I was all in when chalk boards came in to vogue.

After we remodeled our kitchen last year, I re-purposed a couple of our old cabinet doors and turned them in to chalk boards (you can read about it here). 

Now that Fall is almost here, I was trying to come up with something that would welcome the season while making my home feel cozy and inviting. So, I decided to turn one of the small ones in to a fall “wreath” of sorts to create some re-purposed fall décor:

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bHome Fall Inspiration

I know, I know, Fall is coming way too soon for many of you. Some of us are still melting in the heat, some of us are busy getting our families back in to the school routine and some are just not ready to break out the sweaters and boots. As a result, Fall decorating may be the last thing on our minds.

But, I hope you’re still up for some great Fall inspiration (perfect for pinning) for when you are in the mood.

As promised, today I have LOADS of great Fall ideas for you!

bHome fall tour

In yesterday’s post, I shared a quick, 10-minute craft idea and a GREAT giveaway from Décor Steals. Click here for the details.

Below are 30+ Fall ideas from my bHome blogging friends sure to get your creative juices flowing. Continue reading