Living With Marble – Part 2

It’s been awhile since I said I would tell you more about my marble counter tops.   There’s a story behind them and I promise I will tell it all but because I get so many questions about living with marble I felt the need to write today’s post.   

In my first post about living with marble, I gave you my view point of what it’s like to have this natural stone in my kitchen.  I also alluded to the fact that we had some problems with the fabrication and installation.  To partially resolve the issue, the island was replaced with something different — honed Vermont Danby marble.  It was installed just before Christmas.  


I’m not going to get in to all the details about how and why the island was replaced (I’m saving that for a future post because all the issues have not been fully resolved yet).  But I do want to share with you what I have learned about various types of marble and how they perform on a daily basis (since I now have experience with two types of marble).  

 I know not everyone wants marble in their kitchens, so this information doesn’t pertain to everyone but I hope you’ll bear with me on this because when I write my upcoming post (it might even take two to explain it all), I will have information to share that will be helpful when choosing any natural stone for your home. 

But, today, I’m helping answer my most asked question:  “What is it like living with marble and is it right for you?”

marble counters in the kitchen

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bHome: Inspiration on the Go!

I wanted to title this post “more home and garden inspiration than you can shake a stick at”  but then most of you would be scratching your heads wondering what in the heck that even means!  

“More than you can shake a stick at” is a crazy saying my dad often says.  For example, “The store down the street carries more hardware than you can shake a stick at.”  I have no idea where he got that phrase or who in the world shakes sticks at things but, he uses it when he’s talking about a whole lot of something.

Today, I’m talking about a whole lot of something!

bHome is this awesome new app for iPhone and iPad (Android is coming very soon) that is bursting with fabulous home and garden inspiration.


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Best of DIY Party – {DIY Twiggy Bird’s Nest}

I love looking at pretty pictures of decorated homes, amazing DIY projects, and gorgeous crafts.  It’s fun to get inspired by projects big and small.  

I love all the inspiration that exists on blogs and that’s why it’s so fun to be joining 24 of my home/DIY blogger friends today to bring you our #BestofDIY Party #2!

25 amazing diy projects


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Desk Makeover

Fixing up furniture is one of my very favorite things to do.  In fact, when I first started this blog, I thought I would be posting a lot more about amazing furniture transformations.  

The truth is, I don’t have the storage or work space to do as many furniture fix-ups as I would like.  So when I do them, I think they’re a lot of fun. 

This is my latest baby and I am thrilled with it!

desk makeover with Annie Sloan chalk paint

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Fresh Spring Vignette

Things are slowly getting back to normal here after being gone for 8 days in Germany.  It’s funny how preparing for a trip and returning home can make life super crazy and messy.  

However, my trip to Germany got me in the mood to do a little Easter decorating.  I shared a few spring displays I saw in Germany on Facebook and Instagram while I was away.  The Germans are excellent at making Spring and Easter look understatedly (is that a word?) amazing.  

I bought a couple of spring goodies while I was there and was anxious to get to work on a fresh spring vignette to display my new treasures.  


fresh spring vignette

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