10 Superbowl Party Recipes

Almost every year at this time my husband is sitting in a hotel room in Europe on a business trip missing Super Bowl Sunday.  

Even though technology enables him to see the game (if he feels like being awake at odd hours) it isn’t much fun.  He would much rather be at home with us eating appetizers for dinner and having family and friends over to watch it all.

Somehow the stars aligned and he’s going to be home for the entire event this year!  As a result he wants to have a small get-together with his family.

For so many years I have only had to worry about providing game day food for the kids and me.  It’s not hard pleasing kids — a few store-bought appetizers from the frozen foods section at the grocery store and they’re happy as clams!

Now that we’re planning a “real” get-together with his parents and sister’s family, I need to get my game on! 

Today I’m sharing 10 recipes from myself, some of my favorite blogging friends and a my favorite food sites to get us all ready for the big day.  By the way, these recipes are perfect for any occasion!

10 Super Bowl party recipes that are sure to please your family and guests.


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Foyer Table Vignette

It never fails.  After Christmas, I leave several spaces empty or partially “un-decorated” because I  1) can’t remember what I had there before or  2) feel like I need something new and fresh to put there.

I think I feel this way every single year about my little foyer table.

An antique cabinet styled with rustic touches.


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7 Mantras for Organizing Your Pantry

The house I grew up in was small.  1100 square feet.  It had a galley kitchen, no formal dining room and no pantry.  It was my parent’s first home and we lived there my entire life until I left and went out in to the big world on my own.  

I have a lot of nostalgia about that house.  It was small and cozy and it was a great place to grow up.  But when I look back I have no idea how we survived without a pantry!  Thank goodness there was a basement.  My mom stored a lot of things on the shelves my dad built down there.

Today, I am blessed to live in a home with a generous pantry.  But, here is what I have discovered when you have a lot of storage — you find ways to fill it up.  And, when it’s full, it gets disorganized and messy in a hurry.

I have organized and re-organized this space many times and in the end, I have come up with some tips that have become my mantra.

Whether your storage space is big or small, my seven mantras can help you when organizing your pantry. 

simple tips for getting and keeping your pantry organized

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Mixing Design Styles

When we first toured our home in hopes of buying it, we didn’t have any children but we hoped one day we would have a family.   Therefore, we wanted a bigger house than what we had and we wanted something that would give us room to grow.

The fact that this house had a Jack & Jill bath was a definite plus.  I thought it was perfect for children to share.  They each have their own sinks and space to get ready in the morning, but they share a tub and a toilet.  

Jack & Jill bathrooms are great for siblings but like everything with kids, there are still some arguments that result in the shared portion of the bathroom.  Someone locks the other one out, someone leaves the toilet seat up, someone didn’t replace the toilet paper, someone used all the hot water…I could go on.

Arguments or not, it is just a part of growing up.  We have to learn to share.  

Between You & Me Etsy Shop

Between You & Me Etsy Shop

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Pinning and Future Projects

It seems like every January I find myself surfing the Internet and pinning things I love more than usual. 

You see, in January I am 1) at the start of a new budget year and 2) with the hulabaloo of the holidays behind me, I can get focused on my bigger projects around the house.   This leads to lots of inspiration searching and pinning on Pinterest.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

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