Marble Counters: What Everyone Needs to Know {Part 3}

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Part One
Part Two


This next leg of the journey – in many ways – proved to be every bit as frustrating as the first part.

what everyone needs to know about marble counters

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Marble Counters: What Everyone Needs to Know {Part 2}

I left you hanging a little bit when I began Part One of our marble counter tops story. I didn’t mean to leave you with such a cliff hanger! If you missed it, you can read it here.

The truth is, this is is long story and I wasn’t sure if I should shorten it up in to just two posts or give more details and write several. In the end, I have decided to share it all in several posts in hopes that our story can help someone else who is working with contractors and/or choosing and installing natural stone counters — not just marble.

what everyone needs to know about marble counters

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Easy Strawberry Jam

If I could only name one thing to love about summer it would have to be all of the fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season.

We got lucky this summer when we visited my parents in Minnesota. We happened to be up at their summer cabin on the first day of strawberry picking at the local strawberry farm. Oh happy day!

We easily picked a bucket full of fresh plump strawberries in about 15 minutes. We excitedly brought them back to the cabin and immediately ate some of that fresh goodness right away!

Then we had to figure out something to do with them so we could transport them home to Texas with us.

I needed something fast and easy that didn’t require keeping them frozen, was messy or couldn’t make it through security at the airport.

I found this super easy strawberry jam recipe from Martha Stewart.

easy strawberry jam recipe

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Fresh Herb Bouquets

It rained again yesterday and the week before that it rained, too.

That might not sound like a big deal to many of you, but rain during the summer in Texas is usually a little out of the ordinary.

But this year has been anything but ordinary!

My yard has never been so green and lush.

When we came home from visiting my parents in Minnesota last week we found that our yard was a bit out of control!

My herbs, in particular, needed a substantial pruning. Some had begun to flower and others were wild and unruly.

When I do a big pruning like this, I’m left with an abundance of fresh herbs. Of course, I could give some away to friends, family and neighbors (and I do!) but here’s another suggestion – make herb bouquets!

herb bouquets

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The Best Way to Touch up Paint

Why is it that some of the simplest chores are often the ones that are the biggest hassle?  

If it’s a hassle, you end up putting it off or not doing it at all, am I right?

I have to admit that touching up paint was one of those chores.

Before I began repainting our home, the only way to touch up the paint in our house was to haul out a huge 5-gallon drum of paint left by the builder, summon my husband for help opening the can, use a long “egg beater-type” attachment to a drill so I could completely mix the separated paint and then finally touch up a spot or two. 

When I painted over the builder paint, I was left with gallon and quart cans that didn’t require my husband’s help but there was still the hassle of cleaning the brush, the storage space dilemma and often discovering that the paint inside the can was dried up or unusable. 

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I received 3 cans of the “My Paint Saint.”

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